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Empower Employ Partners with Aira to Employ 100 Military Spouses in 2021


If you’re looking for a great company, with a solid purpose behind what they do, and a role that allows you to work from wherever, and whenever (*with the exceptions of CA, WA, MA, OR, IL, NY, NJ, and DC), have we got news for you!

Empower Employ has recently partnered with Aira to tell you about Aira’s most popular virtual position, their Agent role. If you’re curious about who and what Aira’s Agent role is, never fear, we’re here to clarify. The Agent role connects people who are blind or have low vision to a trained professional Agent dedicated to enhancing their everyday experience. We partnered with Aira in October 2021, with the goal of referring at least 100 qualified Military Spouses as potential candidates over the next year. This commitment, combined with the purpose behind the role itself, should resonate with our military spouse community.

Aira’s Agent position offers Military Spouses both CONUS and OCONUS the opportunity to make a respectable income, work remotely according to their own schedules, and have the flexibility that is necessary while globe-trotting at Uncle Sam’s behest. However, we here at Empower Employ feel that the best part of this role is the opportunity to give back and perform meaningful work that positively and immediately impacts the lives of others. We’re hoping that the sense of purpose, the desire to help others, and wanting to give back will resonate soundly within not only the Military Spouse Community, but potentially the Service Member and/or Veteran Communities as well.

In establishing the partnership with Aira, Empower Employ spoke with Kyle Kozlowski, Aira Agent Hiring Manager, and asked the all-important question, “Why does Aira value Military Spouses as employees?”

Kyle’s response said it perfectly, “Aira values military spouses, most importantly, for their loyalty, resilience, and reliability. Military spouses know what it’s like to face adversity, but more importantly, how to overcome it. They build upon their skills with every move. (Skills) such as using Google Maps to familiarize yourself with a new city, coordinating the timing of furniture delivery, making new friends, and finding a new doctor. It is the attention to detail, coupled with problem-solving skills, that sets military spouses apart from the rest and are great characteristics to have as an Aira Agent.”

At Empower Employ, we understand that our military spouse community has an incredibly diverse background, so narrowing down the skills that would define what the “ideal” candidate for Aira would be was something we needed to establish. According to Kyle, “Aira is looking for candidates who are tech-savvy, great at multitasking, and resourceful in finding solutions to the variety of tasks that Explorer’s (Aira’s name for their clients) will ask to complete. Agents should demonstrate superior customer service skills, have familiarity with remote work, be self-disciplined, and be familiar with common remote work software programs such as Zoom, Slack, Google Suite, and Microsoft Office. Since every call an Agent takes may be different, the agent needs to be open-minded and ready to face any challenge presented.”

Working at Aira is not only fun and rewarding, the company highly encourages their Agents to be the best version of themselves they want to be. They can do this by increasing their leadership and time management skills as part of the Agent experience at Aira. Aira also encourages team members to be willing to be comfortable being uncomfortable. This could mean learning how to make queries in Excel one day, or mastering multitasking by helping route a traveling Explorer in the correct direction, checking the weather, and seeing if there are any flight delays—all at the same time. Aira is continuously growing and they look for those who thrive in this environment when it comes time for advancement.

If you are a Military Spouse, Veteran, or any other member of the extended Military Family and are interested in applying as an Aira Agent, Empower Employ encourages you to use our Military Spouse Preference Partnership.

The benefit of using our Partnership when applying includes having the ability to have the first choice when it comes to interview selection times.

Upon applying, Empower Employ’s recruiting team will review your application and determine whether or not you meet the qualifications for the role. If, for some reason, we find that you do not meet the qualifications for the Agent role, we will let you know what areas you can improve upon, and connect you with the right resources so you can reapply within 30 days.

To apply through Empower Employ, please proceed with filling out This Form.

Note: Aira is an EOE and does hire outside of the Military Community through their website.

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