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Army COOL/Credentialing

THE ARMY CREDENTIALING ASSISTANCE PROGRAM IS LIKE THE ARMY’S TUITION ASSISTANCE PROGRAM, where Soldiers can receive funding in pursuit of credentials that are listed in Army CA. So what does the “COOL” in Army COOL stand for? The COOL stands for Credentialing Opportunities On-Line.

What is the purpose of the Army Credentialing Assistance / Army COOL program?

The goal of the Credentialing Assistance Program is to help Army service members get certifications and licenses. That can enhance their skills or assist them as they transition into the civilian workforce.  To be more specific, they would help these service members find:

  • We offer certifications perfect for all 25 or 17-series MOSs and anyone interested in transitioning into a Signal MOS.

  • Soldiers can make 10 promotion points per certification and up to 50 in total!

  • Credentials related to an Army Military Occupational Specialty (MOS)

  • Credentials related to Civilian Occupations

  • Credential requirements and potential gaps between Army training and civilian credentialing requirements

  • Resources available to fill gaps between military training and civilian credentialing requirements

How can I request funding for a credential?

To apply for the COOL go to the Ignited page:

  1. On cool select the cert you would like

  2. After selecting the cert look up Empower Employ as the training provider

  3. You will upload a price quote for each cert provided by us

Step by step for applying for COOL:

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