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Connect with Recruiters hiring Military Spouses.


Find flexible positions looking to hire Military Spouses with MPower.

A simple-to-use subscription-based resource connection tool. Hiring teams and motivated job seekers directly connect without depending on flawed artificial intelligence or military skills translation.

Level up your career journey with the right course.



LEAP (Leverage Employment Augmentation Program) is designed to prepare Military Spouses for portable, equitable careers that can go with them almost anywhere.

Course Content

  • Resume Writing

  • Start Interview Format Prep

  • Follow-Up Templates

  • Salary Negotiations

  • Transition Planning

  • CRM job tracking tool

  • Coaching Connections

  • Networking

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Who should take this course?


Military Spouse

I’m trying to find flexible work opportunities that allow me to have continuity when I get relocated.


But I don't know which companies have those opportunities.


Which Makes Me Feel like I'll never have a meaningful career and financial security.

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