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5 Advantages of offering remote work for employees

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the world in so many ways and one of the most evident changes was the shift to remote work. As business scrambled, not being able to have workers come into the office each day. They were forced to switch to remote work or utilized the remote work strategies they had in place to their full extent. And companies were able to continue on even without the ability to meet in person.

And as the world moves to a new normal. Many employees, especially in military families, are looking for companies that offer remote work. Remote work can give them the ability to have a career that moves with them wherever they go. Instead of having to “start over” after each new assignment. Remote work gives military families something they have longed for a stable job that has the flexibility to move with them.

But besides the ability to move your job with you, there are a number of other reasons employees enjoy remote work.

Remote work offers flexibility

Besides giving you the option to work from anywhere. It also gives you the opportunity to make your career fit your lifestyle. It can give you the opportunity to drop your kids off at school, do laundry or other chores, get in a quick workout on your lunch break or just relax in your home environment. And when the work day is over you can close your laptop and dive into family time. You also can have the flexibility to end the day early and go back to work in the evenings or start early when you are free again.

Dropping your commute saves time, money, and the environment

Not having a commute each day can save you time and money. It also can help save the environment by not needing to drive to your office each day. The average commute is 27 minutes long and in some places, your commute can be even longer. Not having to drive each day can give you more time to do the things you want to do. The stress of driving can also lead to health issues such as greater blood sugar levels, greater risk for depression, and lower cardiovascular health. Taking your commute time and converting it to time working out at home through walking, running, or at-home workouts can really have a positive impact on you and your health.

Possibility to earn more money

Military families know that continually starting your career over makes it harder to gain advancements. But also depending on where your spouse is stationed you might not have a lot of options in your current location. Assignments in small towns may not give you the same opportunities as assignments in larger communities. With remote work, you have a larger pool of opportunities because your location is not a limitation. And being able to keep your career as you move also can make it easier to get promotions and continue to move up the pay scale instead of continually starting over and over.

Improved productivity and performance

Another advantage of working remotely is that it can limit your distractions. It may be a challenge at first to carve out a place for you to work without distractions but if you can work from home it can help you focus better. Without co-workers that you might run into on your way to your desk, ask a quick question while you are in the middle of a project, or even the time it takes to get settled after arriving at work. You can be efficient and get more work done while you are working from home. And programs that make virtual meetings possible to connect with co-workers when needed on your schedule.

Strong bonds with colleagues around the world

Another great thing about remote work is the people you can connect with may not live near you and may have experienced a different life than you. Military families know this all too well. People from all over join the military and are put together in a community. Then they move to a new location and friendships continue. One of the greatest gifts of military life is the people that you meet and this can open the possibility of meeting people from other locations through remote work.

Remote work also gives more people the opportunity to work in different roles. People with disabilities or who need to be at home to care for a family member can have the opportunity to work from home and meet their life situation.

These are just a few of the many reasons that remote work may be a great option for you. And while some people love the option to work remotely others love getting to be in an office interacting directly with their co-workers. In the end, you have to find what is best for you. But if the pandemic showed us anything it was that there is an opportunity to work anywhere. You just have to figure out what the right path for you is.

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