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Upon completion of this training, participants will:


  • Have a deeper understanding of the military community

  • Understand the hardships that veterans and military spouses encounter

  • Learn about the values instilled into service members

  • Increase knowledge of military terms

  • Have insight on appropriate and inappropriate interview questions





LINK is an SHRM Accredited training program designed to link the civilian workforce with the military community. This course is worth 3 PDU's. 


Your employees will learn about the basic structure of the military as well as appropriate interviewing techniques. During this training, you will discover several incentives available to companies hiring Veterans and Military Spouses, such as tax credits and apprenticeship programs.

Additionally, participants are introduced to valuable resources that can strengthen workforce operations, train staffing teams, and increase retention rates. On completion of the program, participants will have a fundamental understanding of how to recruit and secure employees within the Veteran and Military Spouse talent pipelines.


Research shows that 43% of veterans leave their first civilian job within their first year, and 80% leave before the end of their second year, citing a lack of opportunity for career advancement and personal development.


LINK is designed to educate businesses on how to retain military talent.

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