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Meet The Team

Lindsay Helm

Founder & CEO

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Lindsay Helm is an Army Veteran and active duty military spouse. From humble beginnings in Dry Ridge, Kentucky, she enlisted in the United States Army in 2003. Lindsay then transitioned her skills to the corporate world, working in various technology roles such as (NEED) and (NEED) for Fortune 500 companies such as (NAME ) (NAME). Lindsay has turned her technology and advocacy superpowers into a rapidly growing company — Empower Employ, and intends to change the landscape for Veteran and Military Spouse hiring.

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Flossie Hall

VP, Operations

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Flossie is a Veteran Navy spouse and an accomplished serial entrepreneur. Flossie has found that her superpower in business is the art of "building". She thrives to build organizations, teams, communities, and everything in between.


Amy Tilson-Lumetta

Graphic Designer

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Amy is a graphic designer, composer, and writer. Currently, she is writing her debut sci-fi book series based on her original musical, CREATED, which witnessed a sold-out premiere at UC Irvine. Her latest music release was also on the first round GRAMMY® ballot for Best Arrangement. 

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Liberty Klingebiel


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Liberty is a sophomore at SUNY Brockport studying Political Science with a minor in Business. She has worked for the last four years with national companies strategizing, implementing, and managing campaigns across marketing, public relations, sponsorships, and partnerships. Liberty loves contributing to startups, small businesses, and non-profits that are building great companies, products, and services. Liberty’s plans after college include working for a social impact organization, non-profit or government agency to help implement and change for causes she believes in. Liberty loves all things coffee, Taylor Swift, and her cats Peter and Oliver.


Katie Sweeney


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Katie was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. Married to her husband Chris, who is an active duty United States Marine Corps Officer. They have 3 kids, Braxtyn, Cameron, and Kaylee. Katie has been in the administrative field since she was out of high school and has helped turn several small businesses into highly profitable companies with her organizational and system skills. Some of the things Katie loves are, coffee, country music, her family, and working out.

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