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The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a Federal tax credit available to employers for hiring individuals from certain targeted groups such as Veterans, Disabled Veterans and other non-Veteran groups who have consistently faced significant barriers to employment.
WOTC joins other workforce programs that incentivize workplace diversity and facilitate access to good jobs for American workers.
Eligible employers can receive a federal tax credit ranging from $1,200 to $9,600 for each qualified employee hired under the WOTC program, or $9,000 over a two-year period for employees hired who were long-term public benefits recipients prior to hire. LEARN MORE

I am a member of the military community. I want a career coach and resume writer will you help me?

We CAN! However, this service is offered on a very selective basis.
Please send us your current resume, with your goals and 3 companies you want to work for. Then someone will get back to you. We do charge a flat fee of $100 an hour if you are selected. Once your email is received we will reach back out with next steps.

I am a member of the military community. I am looking for a new career or job, can you help me?

At this time we do not assist with job placement, however have a plethora of resources that we can send to you. Please send us a message and we will point you in the right direction.

How do I know that Empower Employ is the right consulting agency for me?

- We understand what military veterans and spouses bring to the table at an organization when they leave the service and military community because we've been there, done that. We can assist with translating veteran and military spouse experience into something that will make sense for your company by utilizing what these individuals have learned while in the military to fill gaps within your organization.

How does Empower Employ customize your services for my company?

- We will evaluate the strengths and potential gaps within your veteran and military spouse hiring process, or even help you create a solid one. We will highlight how onboarding this community can save your company time. We will even assist with creating, or helping strengthen, a military diversity resource group to help your veteran or military spouse employees as they transition from the military into your company.

My company wants to hire more veterans/military spouses, but we don't know the best ways to go about that. How can Empower Employ help?

- We know the veteran and military spouse community, because we are veterans and military spouses. We know this community comes in all kinds of "flavors" with different skills and experiences. Our LINK For Business workshop can help you make sense of what it means when you talk to a veteran who was a Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Guardian, Marine, or Coast Guardsman. We break down the stereotypes we've all seen from Hollywood and provide tips, techniques, and best practices when interviewing both veterans and military spouses. We even talk to you about some of the fantastic benefits that come with hiring from this community.

If I hire a veteran, are they going to be yelling all the time and/or barking orders at my other employees? What about PTSD?

- Everyone has questions and preconceived notions about military service members when they leave the military. Here at Empower Employ, we want to help dispel those concerns and answer questions you may have about whether or not veterans will be a good fit for your organization by providing you with the chance to ask away and not worry about offending someone. We want to ensure you have as much information as possible when it comes to making the decision to hire veterans and military spouses, and build a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable organization. We like to remind people that even broken crayons can still be useful for coloring.

Is Empower Employ strictly a staffing company?

- We are not a staffing agency in the traditional sense. We can assist with staffing on a case-by-case basis, but we also provide consulting services, workshops, resilient leader training, job posting capabilities, and government contracting. However, we are primarily focused on helping empower companies to employ top talent by being their Rosetta Stone when it comes to translating military experience so that they can more effectively hire, onboard, engage, and retain veteran and military spouse employees.



Military Spouses 

Military spouses are valued members of their community, both on and off the installation. Collectively, military spouses are an extremely intelligent, well travelled, diversely educated and resilient group of people. They are ready to bring all of these traits, and more to your organization. Military spouses want to be hired!

Military Spouses

  • Are adaptable 

  • Are incredibly diverse and possess a strong skill set. 

  • Are very competent at stress management.

  • Have a personality that just can’t be beat. 

  • Have longevity.

  • Are savings oriented.

  • Are well educated. 

  • Possess an extensive network.