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Workplace Culture

Cohesiveness in the workplace breeds innovation and productivity! Could your team use some strategic development to increase your workplace culture?


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Liason Services

MRE, E-7, Separation, MilSpouse, PCS, Government Contractor?!? Have you seen terms like these and you or your organization would like to understand what the heck it means!?! Or are you preparing for a presentation with a military focused need?

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LINK Business Training Program

LINK for Business is a training program designed to link the civilian workforce with the Military Community. Participants learn about the basic structure of the Military as well as appropriate interviewing techniques. During this training, participants are taught about several incentives available to companies hiring Veterans and Military Spouses, such as tax credits and apprenticeship programs. Additionally, participants are introduced to valuable resources that can strengthen workforce operations, train staffing teams, and increase retention rates. Once trained, participants will have a fundamental understanding of how to recruit and secure employees within the Veteran and Military Spouse talent pipelines. Course is VALUED AT 3PDCS for those who are SHRM Certified.