Despite decades of advocacy, the transition process is still difficult for potential employers and employees alike. Military Spouses continue to see a +20% unemployment rate (currently 38% at pandemic strained levels) and a 70% underemployment rate. This has become what many have deemed a matter of national security.

Empower Employ is on a mission to eliminate the disparities in employment for military members and their spouses, and to educate employers about the military culture and what it truly means to hire and retain veteran and military spouse talent.


Empower Employ

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Lindsay "Hurricane" Helm, Founder and CEO

Lindsay knows a LOT about the military and just as much about Information Technology! Take that level of knowledge. sprinkle in her magnetic personality and her joy to aide those seeeking employment, and you will quickly understand how Empower Employ was born!

As a current military spouse and U.S. Army veteran, living near Honolulu, Hawaii with her husband and three kids, she recognized a need. She then combined that need in the military community with her 17 years of experience working in Information Technology, ranging from systems administrator to cybersecurity. She has previously used this knowledge to help over 150 military spouses across the country find employment within various markets.

Lindsay currently works with transitioning military members, veterans and spouses, to help them find employment and programs that best accommodate their skill sets and lifestyle. Her passion is changing the life of military members and families by finding stable, accessible employment and continues that passion now through this journey.